Paul, Plevin offers in-house training that is second to none.

Our employment law experts offer upbeat, informative and practical training for diverse audiences, including human resource personnel and all levels of employees and management. Some of our more popular training sessions include:

Working Together to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Meets all of the requirements of AB 1825 and SB 2343, California’s mandatory harassment training laws

California law requires employers with five or more employees (including temporary and seasonal workers) to train managers and supervisors for two hours every two years on preventing workplace harassment and bullying. This training not only satisfies these requirements, but also helps supervisors think through their role in shaping a workplace free from unlawful and inappropriate conduct.

This popular training provides practical definitions of harassment and retaliation and, through video vignettes and real-world examples, empowers managers to spot, address and remedy harassment and retaliation.

The training is delivered in an interactive and entertaining format and covers topics such as:

  • The definition of unlawful harassment
  • Strategies for preventing workplace harassment
  • Explanations of abusive conduct or bullying
  • Tips for spotting and avoiding retaliation
  • Understanding the company's anti-harassment policy

Working Together to Prevent Workplace Harassment – Employee Module

Meets the requirements of SB 2343, California’s new mandatory harassment training law for non-supervisors

New California law requires employers with five or more employees to train all non-supervisor staff every two years on harassment prevention.  This one hour training meets those requirements and educates employees about their role in preventing workplace harassment and creating a culture free of unlawful and inappropriate conduct. This training is geared toward employees without supervisory capacity and uses vignettes and real-world examples to promote civility in the workplace.

Seven Habits of Successful Human Resource Professionals

This program teaches the key practices that today’s human resource professionals must master to effectively handle personnel challenges and build positive workplaces. The training focuses on risk avoidance and includes discussions about:

  • Important state and federal employment laws
  • Successfully handling workplace complaints
  • Avoiding and managing conflicts of interest
  • Maintaining proper documentation

Seven Habits of the Frequently Sued Manager

This fun and unique "managing within the law" training examines several common management mistakes that can lead to burdensome and costly litigation and provides practical advice on how to avoid such situations. Intended for all levels of managers, from first-line supervisors to executives, this training covers issues such as:

  • The hiring process
  • Effective performance management
  • Workplace harassment
  • Leave and disability accommodation issues
  • Common wage and hour issues

Successful Hiring: Legal Guidance and Best Practices for Identifying and Hiring the Best Candidate

Solid hiring practices are an important component of an organization’s success. This interactive training gives hiring managers and supervisors practical advice for identifying and selecting the best candidates while avoiding legal risk. Topics covered include:

  • Common hiring-related pitfalls
  • Effective interviewing
  • Whether and how to use social media
  • Screening resumes, job application and interview responses to identify potential red flags

Critical Thinking for the Human Resource Professional

This invaluable training provides human resource professionals with the tools they need to analyze and resolve workplace issues. This program covers:

  • How to analyze common human resource challenges
  • "Bulletproofing" your decision-making
  • Planning and conducting effective workplace investigations
  • Creating appropriate documentation

Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

Allegations and complaints of sexual harassment, retaliation and other workplace misconduct can lead to costly litigation if not promptly and properly investigated. This training gives investigators the tools needed to conduct solid, defensible and thorough investigations that will stand up in court. This training uses real-life workplace scenarios to address:

  • An employer's legal obligations to investigate
  • The nuts and bolts of an effective investigation
  • Best practices for concluding investigations
  • Common post-investigation issues

Navigating the Leave of Absence Minefield: Effectively Managing Employee Leaves

Geared toward both human resource professionals and managers, this program provides an overview of the legally-mandated leaves available to California employees. It also focuses on how to successfully navigate the complexities of multi-faceted and overlapping leave issues. The training covers the following:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act and California Family Rights Act leave
  • Pregnancy disability leave
  • Leave as an accommodation for a disabilty
  • California's 2015 law requiring paid sick leave
  • Worker's compensation
  • State and federal military service-related leaves
  • Mandated California leaves - including, among others, domestic violence, school or child care issues, voting, jury and witness duty
  • The California paid leave requirement for bone marrow and organ donation

Layoffs Without Lawsuits

This training, which is geared toward human resource personnel, decision-makers and in-house counsel, provides a road map for conducting legally defensible workforce reductions. Topics covered include:

  • Structuring a defensible layoff plan
  • Conducting a privileged risk assessment and disparate impact analysis
  • Complying with federal and state layoff notification laws
  • Preparing enforceable release agreements and complying with the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act

Avoiding California’s Wage and Hour Time Bombs

Understanding and applying wage and hour laws in California can be a daunting task. This training teaches employers how to avoid the most common — and expensive — wage and hour mistakes. Topics covered include:

  • Meal and rest period mistakes
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Exemption misclassifications
  • Worker classification issues
  • Improper pay deductions
  • "Off-the-clock" time

HIPAA Privacy Training

Geared toward human resource and benefits personnel, this training provides the information employers need to comply with the privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the new HITECH Act. This training covers the key elements of the HIPAA privacy rules, including:

  • Examples of what is (and is not) protected health information
  • Authorized use and disclosure of protected health information
  • Required safeguards to protect from unnecessary or accidental disclosure
  • General privacy policies and practices
  • Record retention