“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure”

Paul, Plevin offers targeted audit services to help employers of all types comply with California and federal employment laws and utilize best practices in the management of their personnel.

Pre-Employment Screening & Hiring

Review of background check authorizations and disclosures, drug testing authorizations, job applications, standard offer letters, and employment agreements.

Performance Management & Terminations

Review of performance appraisal forms, performance improvement plan documents and other performance management forms, termination review procedures, and termination letters.

Employment Contracts

Review of offer letters and employment agreements, independent contractor or consulting agreements, commission and bonus plans, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, arbitration agreements, loan repayment agreements, pre-event liability waivers, and severance agreements.

Employee Classifications

Review of overtime exemption classifications, independent contractor classifications, as well as classifications of temporary or leased employees, volunteers and interns.

Payroll Practices

Review of payroll practices, including tracking employee work time (rounding practices, make-up time, call backs, split shifts, travel time, preliminary and postliminary time, on-call time, training time), meeting minimum wage requirements, compensating volunteers and interns, calculating the "regular rate" for overtime, administering alternative workweek schedules, administering meal and rest periods, issuing payroll, issuing final pay, itemized wage statements, administering vacation and sick pay, wage deductions, record keeping, employee access to payroll records, and posting obligations.

Leaves of Absence & Reasonable Accommodation

Review of leave and accommodation policies, procedures and forms, including leave and accommodation request forms, leave tracking and calculation methods, leave designation and notice forms, medical certification forms, form letters for leave management, and disability accommodation review forms.

Personnel Policies

Review of all personnel-related polices, including at-will employment, non-harassment, reasonable accommodation, leaves of absence, vacation and sick time, meal and rest periods, overtime, electronic resources and communications, standards of conduct, conflicts of interest, confidential information, drug testing, and workplace safety.

Multi-State Employer Practices

Review of key personnel practice areas that differ between federal and California law, including overtime rules, final pay, travel time, alternative work weeks and "comp" time, commission and bonus plan provisions, restrictive covenants, leaves of absence, pregnancy disability, drug testing, background checks and investigations, as well as administration of reasonable accommodation.