Demystifying the California Fair Pay Act

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fred Plevin will present Demystifying the California Fair Pay Act for the National Human Resources Association in April.

In 2016, California passed the toughest equal pay law in the nation – the California Fair Pay Act.  While the Fair Pay Act has been on the books for a year, there have been few cases brought under it, and it remains a mystery to many employers.  However, there are valuable lessons to be learned from recent settlements of Fair Pay Act claims.
In this session, Fred Plevin will demystify the Fair Pay Act.  You will understand the structure of the law, how it will be applied, and what challenges employers will face.  You will learn what proactive steps you can take to minimize your company’s risk of being a target of a Fair Pay Act claim, including what is involved in conducting a pay equity audit.


  • Learn the basic requirements of the Fair Pay Act
  • Understand what will happen in a Fair Pay Act claim
  • Discuss steps companies can take to minimize exposure under the Fair Pay Act
  • Provide basic learning about conducting a gender equity audit